Here’s the Buzz on Killer Queen’s New Single-Player Title Abs vs. The Blood Queen

BumbleBear Games is making its first foray-into the single-player gaming market with Abs vs. The Blood Queen, releasing in June.

It stars the determined Abs, the most muscular of the Worker Bees, as he flees from an endless horde of enemy insects through stunning procedurally generated levels. With the player’s help, Abs can discover hidden rooms, gain enough power to transform into a Warrior, and possibly even defeat the sinister Blood Queen herself. Plus, the part that I’m personally most excited for: the fan-favorite Snail is back and just as rideable as ever, alongside a brand new mount, the Scorpion!

Although the game will be single-player, the competitive spirit of classic Killer Queen remains in the form of global leaderboards. Challenge your friends to see who can complete the greatest number of runs against the Blood Queen’s forces!

Who is the Blood Queen? Why are her undead hordes of warriors threatening the peaceful hives of the world? Find out when Abs Vs. The Blood Queen comes to PC, Mac, and Linux in June. A Nintendo Switch release is also planned for the future.

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You can also support Abs vs. The Blood Queen by backing its official Kickstarter found here. Rewards available for backers include posters of Abs, the ability to submit graffiti to be used in the game, a “BumbleBundle” of other BumbleBear games, and even your very own Abs vs. The Blood Queen arcade cabinet!

Killer Queen burst onto the multiplayer gaming scene as “the world’s first and only 10-player arcade game.” Debuting in 2013 and developed by BumbleBear Games, Killer Queen arcade cabinets pits two teams of five against one another as they struggle to lead their hive to dominance. Either the Gold Team or the Blue Team can claim victory — or would that be “victor-bee“? — by either killing the enemy queen three times, filling their hive with a certain number of berries, or enticing the giant, legendary Snail God to enter their team’s basket.

Initially released in a handful of locations, Killer Queen now boasts over 80 cabinets located at bars, arcades, bowling alleys, and more throughout the United States. Also, Killer Queen tournaments, including New Bee Tournee, OktoBEErfest, and the annual BumbleBash, have been held across the country and even at gaming conventions such as MAGFest.

In October 2019, Killer Queen Black was released for Microsoft Windows and Nintendo Switch, with an Xbox One release planned for the future. Black retained the title’s classic multiplayer gameplay but allowed players to bring the Killer Queen experience into their own homes. It supports up to eight players and features new weapons and moves not included in the arcade version of the game.

We’ll keep you updated with the latest “buzz” as more news is released in the coming months.

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