The Last Of Us Part 2 To Take Up 100GB Space On PS4

The Last Of Us Part II is not only one of the biggest releases of 2020 metaphorically, but also in the physical sense. It’s set to eat up 100GB of the PlayStation 4 storage. The game’s physical edition will be launched on two discs. A listing on the PlayStation website confirms that the game will require “100 GB minimum” of free space to install The Last Of Us Part II. With two discs, it’s likely the first will be required to install the game, and the second to play it.

Recently, the developers suffered a setback earlier in the week with a massive leak. From cutscenes and level lists, to a full plot disclosure, it was an unexpected complication for Naughty Dog and fans, as many stumbled upon these spoilers online, and potentially ruined the game before it had even launched.

The footage was quickly pulled down from YouTube by Sony, but it failed to prevent the problem entirely. Spoiler breakdowns are still live and circulating across the web.

Despite a troubled beginning to 2020, The Last Of Us Part II is still one of the last big PS4 exclusives before the next-gen leap to PlayStation 5, perhaps being one of the last great hurrahs in the consoles lifetime, alongside titles such as Final Fantasy VII Remake. 

The Last Of Us Part II is scheduled for a release date of June 19, following two delays, the second becoming a near indefinite postponement due to COVID-19. This new date was dropped the same day as the massive plot and gameplay leak, potentially as a way to reduce the amount of time players would have to spend dodging spoilers online.

At the same time, the release date for Sucker Punch’s Ghosts of Tsushima was announced. Initially slated for June 26, it will now see the light of day on July 17.

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