Hideo Kojima Tweet Hints at Death Stranding Sequel

Acclaimed video game designer and producer Hideo Kojima recently gave Twitter followers a sneak peek at his creative process. He revealed that he was working on a new project with his frequent collaborator, Yoji Shinkawa, who also serves as the art director for Kojima Productions. The new project is still in the concept stage — but fans have noticed hints which may indicate that it is either a direct sequel to Death Stranding or otherwise takes place in the Death Stranding universe.

Death Stranding, a 2019 open-world title created and designed by Kojima, tells the story of humanity struggling to survive in a post-apocalyptic world. Players take on the role of Sam Porter Bridges (voiced by and modeled after actor Norman Reedus) a courier who delivers supplies and communication devices to the few remaining human colonies. The game spent several years in development before finally released. It generally received favorable reviews and won several rewards.

Although the tweets primarily focused on Kojima’s creative process, highlighting the music he listens to while designing and his frequent texting sessions with Shinkawa, fans noticed a few elements in Kojima’s pictures, which might point towards a Death Stranding-related project. One image prominently features a small model of a baby, a thematic element that plays a considerable role in Death Stranding’s world and plot.

Another, where Kojima talks about his choice of music (OASIS by Kitaro!), includes a sketch of what seems to be some sort of vehicle, possibly indicating a futuristic or space-based setting. Zooming in closer, fans noticed that the vehicle features a BRIDGES logo, potentially connecting it to the Death Stranding universe. BRIDGES is the name of the transport and delivery company which employs protagonist Sam.

Today, Kojima and Shinkawa have met up in person, definitely indicating that work on the new project is well underway.

While Kojima has not yet revealed anything more concrete, he has stated in the past that he is open to returning to the Death Stranding universe for future games.

Death Stranding is currently available for the PlayStation 4. It is also scheduled to receive a PC release in July.

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