Hogwarts Legacy Opens 80% Bigger Than Elden Ring On UK Boxed Charts

We expected Hogwarts Legacy to perform well after all the hype, especially in the Wizarding World’s franchise home of the UK. The first Hogwarts Legacy sales data has now been released via GamesIndustry.biz, and it sold 80% more physical copies at launch than last year’s mega-hit Elden Ring. These figures come from GfK’s UK Boxed charts, and don’t include digital sales, which are expected to be particularly large for both titles. However, Hogwarts Legacy only launched on new-gen consoles and PC, whilst Elden Ring was also available on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. 

There was a clear console preference for Hogwarts Legacy in the UK, with 82% of sales going to the PlayStation 5, compared to just 18% on Xbox Series systems. Sony held marketing rights for Hogwarts Legacy, as well as an exclusive quest only available on PS5, so it’s not too surprising to see the Sony system trailing ahead. Both the PS5 and Xbox Series line have a digital-only variant, which is also expected to have boosted digital sales for Hogwarts Legacy. GamesIndustry.biz notes that this is the largest launch of any Harry Potter series game in the UK, overtaking 2001’s Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone on the PS1.

Hogwarts Legacy wizard fighting a dragon
Hogwarts Legacy had a monstrous launch on the UK Boxed charts.

Hogwarts Legacy has strong PC performance also, being the best-selling game globally on Steam at the moment, as well as one of the most played, reaching a peak concurrent player count of 879,308 yesterday on Feb. 12. We’ll be sure to report on exact sales figures as we get them. The game has been received well by both critics and audiences alike, and still has a PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch launch to come later this year.

Have you played Hogwarts Legacy? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below, and keep your eyes on GameLuster for more gaming news.

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