Hollow Knight ‘Gods and Glory’ DLC releases in August

The next DLC expansion for Hollow Knight will release next month.

Hollow Knight’s next DLC expansion, titled “Gods and Glory,” will release on August 23rd. Described as the largest expansion yet, “Gods and Glory” brings a number of additions to the Metroidvania title.

Additions to the game include a new character, as well as a new quest. There will also be new boss fights, which will intertwine with the new quest. There will also be a new game mode which can be unlocked after completing the “Gods and Glory” story. There will be new music, as well as remixes of some existing classics.

The second Hollow Knight soundtrack album will release ahead of the upcoming expansion. Entitled Gods and Nightmares by Christopher Larkin, the album will drop on August 9th. The album will be available on Steam for $4.99, as well as iTunes, Bandcamp, and Spotify. The album will also be available on vinyl, and can be pre-ordered on Ghost Ramp.

Hollow Knight is available now for PC and Nintendo Switch. The Switch version of the game was revealed at E3 2018, and came with all of the content that had been released on the PC version.

Are you looking forward to “Gods and Glory?” Shout out in the comments below. 

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