Shadow of War’s Much Needed Updates

Middle-Earth: Shadow of War, Monolith’s sequel to the Hit Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor didn’t gain as much traction as its predecessor. One of the reasons why was because of its marketplace feature, which allowed players to purchase Orcs to add to their team.The Orcs in turn were able to enhance a player’s whole army. Not a bad idea right? Well, they had to be purchased with real money. This didn’t sit too well with fans.

In order to make up for it, Monolith announced Shadow of War would be getting an update that would do away with the whole real-money involving marketplace back in April. Monolith also mentioned major improvements to come with the update. That update has been made available to gamers starting July 17.

The game also had an end-game mode which Monolith has moved to change up. To start, they renamed end-game mode to Epilogue. With every battle you win, you unlock new powers through the masks of the Nazgûl ( the ring wraiths from the Lord of the Rings trilogy). The game’s Nemesis system has more legendary orcs to choose from and develops enemies and allies for players based on their actions in the game.

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