Horror Mystery Martha Is Dead Shows Off Gameplay

In 2019, horror experts LKA announced their next project, Martha Is Dead, a game that blends a terrifying story with a luxurious historical setting. Now, the game has been revealed to debut sometime in 2021 for PC via Steam and the next generation Xbox Series X console. In addition to this exciting announcement, LKA showed off both a brand new trailer and a full ten minutes of gameplay footage.

Martha is Dead is set in the Italian countryside during late World War II. When a young woman named Martha is found drowned in a lake, her twin sister must investigate the secrets behind a death, which might be far more than an accident. Luca Dalco, the founder of LKA, describes Martha is Dead as a combination of the murder mystery and psychological horror genres with a healthy dose of Italian folklore added in to spice things up.

The official trailer focuses on the lake where Martha’s body is found, establishing the creepy, mist-shrouded atmosphere which plays such a central role in the game’s mythology and secrets. (Warning: trailer contains potentially graphic or disturbing images.)


The gameplay video reveals that Martha is Dead will feature a first-person perspective – perfect for jump scares and plenty of other horror standards. The first chapter deals with Martha’s sister investigating her death, including taking photos of the crime scene, talking to witnesses, and even investigating local rumors and myths.


Previously, LKA released The Town of Light, also a psychological horror title, in 2016. The game, which tells the story of a girl named Renee revisiting an abandoned asylum where she once stayed as a patient, is currently available for PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. LKA promises that Martha is Dead will be even more terrifying than their previous offering, which means gamers are in for quite a fright indeed.

Are you looking forward to embarking on this terrifying journey? Let us know!

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