How to Decide What Video Game to Play in 2022 [Sponsored Post]

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Video games are a pastime activity people of all ages enjoy, from toddlers to retirees. Gamers get bombarded with different genres of video games. Having access to video games of all types is the easy part; deciding what game to play, on the other hand, is as tough as it gets.

Have you ever scrolled through your video games collection, stressing which title to play for hours? It can be a frustrating experience; that’s why Ziply Fiber created a personality test to help you decide what video game to play.

How it Works

The ZiplyFiber personality test will help you decide which of the seven most exciting games realized in 2022 you should play. Some of the seven games are available already, and others will be dropping later this year.

ZiplyFiber helps you decide by asking five questions with seven multiple answers. The questions are meant to define your personality and unlike other online quizzes, ZiplyFiber doesn’t intrude on your privacy by asking personal questions. They also don’t ask for your data and ask you to sign up to use the service. It is a short quiz that takes about a minute to complete.

The five questions used to determine your personality are:

  1. What was your favourite subject in school?
  2. Which word would your friends use to describe you?
  3.  What’s your favourite movie genre?
  4. What’s your favourite way to spend your free time?
  5. What’s your dream vacation destination?

The seven games that Ziply Fibre will help you decide from and were used to create the quiz are

GAME TITLE Realise Date
Hogwarts Legacy Late 2022
Rainbow Six Extraction January 2022
Starfield Nov. 2022
Sonic Frontiers Dec. 2022
God of War Ragnarök Late 2022
The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2 – unofficial title Late 2022
Elden Ring February 2022

How Video Games Genre Relate with your Personality type

The video game genre we choose is dictated by our personality. An individual with a “Type A” personality will have a different video game test from someone with a “Type B’’ personality. The ZiplyFiber quiz builds on this fact to help you decide what game to play.

Suppose your answer to the first question, “What was your favourite subject in school?” is Theatre. In that case, there are high chances you have a Type-A personality, while for someone whose answer was Ancient Mythology, you likely have a Type-C personality. The same applies to the following question in the quiz. If your friends describe you as a fearless or determined person, you are a Type-A, and if they say you’re as humble, you are exhibiting Type-D personality traits.

A person with a Type-A personality will enjoy; Shooting, action, and action-adventure video games genre. These genres require the player to perform well under pressure, reason fast, and Be creative and focused; all are traits they possess. Of the seven games in the Zeply Fiber quiz, Type-A individuals will likely enjoy God of War Ragnarök and Rainbow Six Extraction.

Gamers exhibiting Type-C and Type-D personalities like games that require problem recognition, time management, and organization skills. They will favour games like Starfield and Elden Ring from ZeplyFiber’s list.

Other Methods to Consider

Taking the ZiplyFiber personality test to help you decide what video game you should play is just one of the plethora of ways you can use it. Two other smart options that will help you narrow down your search are:

  • Keeping up with the trends: Staying up to date with trends and news in the gaming world will keep you informed of the latest video games and what other players are playing. You can do this by reading video games publications and joining gaming forums.
  • Get a subscription: Buying video games individually can be expensive and it narrows your game collection, which is why you should get a video game subscription. Depending on the console you are using, a subscription will expose you to more titles and all you need to do is just download a game. Xbox Game Pass, PlayStation Plus, and EA Play are some great subscription services you can get.


Deciding what video game to play shouldn’t be stressful in 2022. ZiplyFiber test helps you save time in deciding the best game to play with a few clicks.

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