How To Quickly Dupe Items In “Tears of the Kingdom” v1.1.2

In the first weeks after The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom was released, it seemed like every day a new duplication glitch was being found, each one easier and faster than before. And then patch 1.1.1 came out and all of those duplication glitches weren’t patched out and people began to hope they’d remain unpatched forever.  When update 1.1.2 came out, however, basically every glitch that had been discovered before had been rendered moot. Sure, there were still duplication glitches, but they all involved duping items one by one and unfusing them from weapons in Tarreytown. However, there is a fast duplication glitch in Tears of the Kingdom v1.1.2. It requires some setup, but it’s extremely fast, if done correctly.

Needed Materials

To perform this glitch, you will need a multishot bow and the item or items you want to duplicate. Preferably a 5 shot burst bow, but even a duplex bow will work. I also recommend having an autobuild of a stake and two flat boards in “Saved” to make collecting items easier. I will show that build and explain why later.

Five Shot Burst bows while not necessary, give the biggest bang for your buck
Five Shot Burst bows while not necessary, give the biggest bang for your buck

The Place

When diving down a chasm into the depths, your copy of Tears of the Kingdom will occasionally lag for a moment, That is because Link has touched the Loading plane and the game is loading Depths details and unloading Hyrule details. Interacting with that loading plane is also key to this glitch, as arrows and the items that interact with the underside of this plane get stuck. While you can theoretically perform this glitch on any chasm that doesn’t see regular dragon traffic, including the Central Hyrule chasm south of Lookout Landing, the easiest place to perform the glitch is Tobio’s Hollow Chasm, a long, mostly horizontal chasm in Faron that is entirely free of Gloom. To open the upper door to this chasm (at 1317, -2455, 0082), you will need to initiate the 5th Sage quest, which can be done by opening a  vitality door at 1365, -3278, 0428 and bringing the device found there to front door, which opens it. This does require a certain number of hearts, and is part of the main quest, so if you want to avoid that, you can also ascend from the depths at 0642, -2195, -0559. This spot is just north of the Muokuji Lightroot, and almost due east of the Hills of Baumer Chasm, which is open from the start of the game. You will need to use a Baloon Zonai device and Flame emitter or torch to ascend, none of which are available on site, so bring your own.

Unlike all other Chasms, Tobio's Hollow Chasm is mostly horizontal and gloom free.
Unlike all other Chasms, Tobio’s Hollow Chasm is mostly horizontal and gloom free.

The Glitch

Once you’re in the chasm, whichever way, make sure Link gets to a Z position of -155 or deeper. You should see a blue mist spring up if you’re in the right spot. You’ll be on an incline, very close to a significant drop off in one direction, and a large flattish portion of the chasm in the other just above you. Here’s where that Autobuild I suggested comes in. It’s a stake and two long flat boards in a single wide long on top. Put that construction into the ground, perpendicular to the slop and as close to flush as possible, just below link.

Feel free to add carts or wings to fill in any gaps at the bottom.
Feel free to add carts or wings to fill in any gaps at the bottom.

After you do that, now’s a good time to save, so you don’t waste time and materials if you need to adjust things. Anyways, with your multi-shot bow equipped, attach any item other than a Zonai device to its arrow, and fire it eastward, up the Hollow. If you’re in the right spot, those items will just hang in mid air, one for each projectile spawned by your bow.

When done correctly, the items will just hang in midair like this, until you get close enough.
When done correctly, the items will just hang in midair like this, until you get close enough.

You can fire multiple times at this stage, but make sure to change your firing spot as the materials will destroy each other if they touch at this moment. After firing multiple shots, walk up the chasm slope, and watch as the frozen items begin falling. You can collect them now, but they will skid down the slope, which is why we built that construction and filled in the gaps with Zonai Carts and such, as it should catch most if not all of the items you miss as they fall. Each fire of your arrow technically uses up one item in your inventory, but for each projectile in the air, a real version of that item will spawn when you get close enough. a net gain for 4 items with a 5 shot bow. That’s all there is to it.

This glitch works on every version of the game, from 1.1.0 to 1.1.2.

The Bonus Glitch (Mild Spoilers)

For anyone still on Patch 1.1.1 or lower, there is another item duplication glitch involving the 5th Sage. Simply ride the 5th Sage’s construct, and while you are in the cockpit, hold the items to dupe and press B and Y simultaneously. This spawns the items on the ground beside the construct, and they can immediately be picked up without risk of breaking or despawning or being blown away by Tulin.

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