5 “The Sims 4” Populated Save Files to Explore

Ah, it’s one of those days again. Ignoring the fact that I can’t focus on one Sims 4 save file to save my life, or that I don’t think I’ve ever made it past two generations in the nine-ish years I’ve been playing the game, I’m itching to start a new family. After starting up the game, I create my typical, gorgeous, single lady sim, give her zero bad qualities, and throw her out into the world and—oh. Hey there, Eliza Pancakes. Funny seeing you again. And there’s Johnny Zest in all of his glory. Well, I guess I’d better go download some more Sims from the gallery to give myself variety. And I probably won’t even want to play after I’m done, but such is life…Simmers, if this scenario sounds painfully similar to anything you’ve gone through, then have no fear—this list of fresh Sims 4 save files is here. Whether you want a new cast of Sims, or a fresh set of buildings on each lot, I’m sure one of these 5 save files will work for you perfectly.

JQ Base Game Save

Sims4Saves 01

I want to start with a file that everyone will be able to use without consequence: JQ’s Base Game Save by J. Q. Hani. This save updates the three base game worlds, those being Willow Creek, Oasis Springs, and Newcrest, with all new buildings and some new residents. The premade Sims have gone under a few makeovers, so they aren’t entirely the same, and there are still plenty of lots for you to move your own Sims into. There’s also a limited packs version for those of you who have a few of the packs rather than all of them and want to explore new and expanded worlds without having to go over the top. For anyone who’s never played with a save file before and wants to start slow, you can absolutely start with this one.

SweetieWright’s Save File

Sims4Saves 02

SweetieWright’s Save File by SweetieWright_84 really stands out to me thanks to the clear love and dedication that’s been put into every Sim and every lot. It took this creator well over a year to complete this save file, and it shows. Right away it can be seen that there’s no room for you to add any Sims of your own without evicting another household, but if you look into their information panels, every household comes with a detailed background that’s free for you to explore. This save file is for the people who don’t feel like, or who can’t really seem to come up with a story of their own. Some families’ stories even intertwine, making for even more excellent storytelling opportunities. All of the released packs are used for this save file, however, you’re still able to play it, and any save file really, without owning all of the packs—there will just be some items missing from the packs you don’t have.

Maybe-Emily’s Completed Sims 4 Save File

Sims4Saves 03

I have to give extra praise to the Maybe-Emily’s Save File by Emily because this is the one I’m rocking with as we speak, and I’m having so much fun. It had been a while since I’d played The Sims, and I certainly didn’t want to go back into it looking at the same townies I always do. That’s when this save file happened to catch my eye. With newly added venues and a complete overhaul of over 230 new Sims, all with degrees, relationships, careers, and skills, there is so much to be explored in this file. While I appreciate having prettier Sims to look at overall, there is nothing more exciting than a save file that gives its Sims actual lives. My Sim is currently getting to know the cute single mother across the hall, and I implore you to do the same. You’ll just have to find her first! This file does require almost every pack, so check the linked page to make sure you have what you need.

Fleuralia Save File

Sims4Saves 04

Fleuralia’s Save File by Fleuralia is a personal fan favorite of mine, and it used to be the only one I’d ever play with, so it’s been great to see the continued support and updates it’s been receiving as new packs have gotten released. This save file is full of new-and-improved lots, makeovers for pre-existing families, and new families to “spice it up.” Every world comes with fun community lots which will make you actually want to go out and explore, and you will surely come out with a story to tell. There are even rental lots added to some of the residential worlds, so your Sims can vacation there if they so desire! All of this combined could be used for a fun challenge to stay in solely the world you started in…do with that what you will.

Ultimate Save

Sims4Saves 05

I genuinely believe the photos from this save speak for themselves, but I’ll say it anyway—PlumbobKingdom’s Ultimate Save File has to be one of the most gorgeous remakes I have ever seen. This one focuses a lot more on the buildings rather than the Sims, and while the old Sims got no updates, there are a few new ones scattered throughout the world to play with. If you’re someone who adores the Sims who currently reside in The Sims 4, and you want a change but not necessarily from them, this save file might be perfect. But be aware that, although this file is beautiful in every which way, there’s a lot being added here, so there are no promises your computer or laptop will be able to handle it.

There are definitely more than five great save files floating out there in the world, but I wanted to try and suggest files that were up to date with the latest expansion packs, and that had plenty of new Sims and Townies to explore. Are there any other types of save files you’d like to see? Is there one I didn’t mention that you’ve played to death? Let me know in the comments!

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