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The process of writing essays seems boring to all students, and so they often buy essays online at rather than write them themselves. However, what if you can make the process of writing an essay fun? All you have to do is choose a topic that interests you, and before you know it, you’ll be finishing a conclusion to your paper. Today we’re going to talk about how to write a cool essay about video games.

Find the best games-related topic

An interesting and intriguing topic is half the success of your essay. That’s why it’s important to choose the one that will not only hook the reader and get you a high score but that is also interesting to you. Almost any academic subject can be linked to video games. Today, you can easily find games with historical, social, scientific, philosophical, and other themes. It could be something related to the impact of games on a person’s life, the contribution of games to skill development, or even a trivial review of how games have changed your life or impacted the lives of others.

If you’re not sure you can come up with a topic related to video games yourself, you can look up examples online or discuss your ideas with your teacher. Ideas from the web can serve as an inspiration and a model for your assignment.

Write about your favorite video game

Let’s take a look at the easiest way to write an essay about your favorite game. Before you begin, you must determine exactly what you want to describe and what the message of your paper will be. Try to answer the following questions briefly:

  • What is your favorite video game, and what makes it special to you?
  • What appeals to you most about the game?
  • What emotions does the game evoke in you? Does it help you take your mind off your problems, relax, or have a negative impact?
  • Describe your favorite game. What is its genre, plot, characters, missions, and main idea?
  • Do you know anything about the history of its creation?
  • Does this game teach you anything new?
  • Do you practice any skills while playing the game? (concentration, attention, learning facts from different fields, reaction speed, foreign languages, etc.)

This part of the process coincides with the brainstorming stage, where you explore potential aspects that you could refer to as an essay writer. At this level, it is best to write down everything that comes to mind. It is important to realize that your essay does not have to carry a positive description of the game. It can be a work related to the negative impact of this game on your life — it caused you to break up with your partner, do poorly in your studies, takes up too much of your time, or leads to conflicts with your parents. At this point, you are looking for connections, patterns, and arguments.

How to write a game essay?

Writing an essay on video games is not much different from the usual process of working on such an assignment.

You should always start with a thesis statement. This is the main idea that you will develop in your work. Try to fit your idea into one concise sentence. It should interest the reader and make them continue reading your work.

The key to successful essay writing is to make a detailed plan. You should focus on the main ideas that you want to prove or disprove. Each paragraph should carry one idea. That’s why, when making a plan, write in it the main topical sentence of each paragraph, briefly describe the arguments and evidence and illustrate your words. Don’t forget to write down the sources you are referring to right away.

If you follow all the preparation steps correctly, the process of writing an essay will not take you long. In fact, you will only need to expand your detailed outline and add vivid illustrations. You can even try to include screenshots from the game in the appendix that will help you in your argument or back up your words. Pay attention to making sure the text is coherent and logical. Linking words, which serve as signposts for the reader in your essay, will help you with this.

Proofread and edit your game essay

Take the time and care to proofread and edit your essay. No matter how interesting the topic is or how much your teacher loves video games, the text will be hard to understand and unpleasant to read if it contains a lot of mistakes.

You can review your work in online grammar checkers but always double-check it afterward on your own. Be sure to verify your essay for plagiarism and the correctness of your reference list, depending on the requirements of your school.

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