Indie Game Submissions Open for Next Wholesome Direct

The organizers of the “Wholesome Direct” event, which showcases indie titles currently in development which are considered to be “wholesome,” have announced that they will be hosting another broadcast some time in May of 2021.

At this time, they are accepting submissions from indie developers who would like to see their games featured in May’s Direct. They have posted information regarding how to submit via their official Twitter account.

Although there are many definitions of the word “wholesome,” the team behind the Direct have offered just a few examples of what qualities might embody the term. Wholesome games might be bright, colorful, peaceful, or heartwarming, or alternately might have a happy ending or focus on relationships between family and friends. Another term frequently used by the Wholesome Direct team is “low-stakes,” describing games such as farming, gardening or pet raising simulators which do not have a strict schedule or a fast-paced game play, and do not deal with elaborate or intense plots.

The decision to host Wholesome Directs was made as part of an effort to cheer up gamers during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic by introducing them to positive titles which might help during periods of global frustration, fear and self-isolation. 2020’s Wholesome Direct featured a number of titles which would go on to become extremely popular following release, most notably Spiritfarer. In total, over fifty indie games were shown off during 2020’s broadcast.

Some of the titles in last year’s Wholesome Direct, including Garden Story and Little Witch in the Woods, have not yet been released. It is possible that more information regarding these games might be presented during the 2021 version of the event.

What is your favorite wholesome game? How do you define “wholesome”? What titles might you like to see featured during the 2021 Wholesome Direct in May? Let us know!

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