Infamous Second Son: Where’s The Choice?

So I have watched most Infamous Second Son videos that can be found on the internet. Obviously without saying i’m looking forward to that game, plus i’m a big fan of the two previous games, plus the comics.

The main marketing point of Infamous 1 & 2 was that it’s a superhero game where you decide whether you want to be a hero or a villain. That’s what was so different about Infamous and that’s what they marketed the game on. Then the second game brought more focus on being good or bad with the big decision at the end. I loved how its not just straight away good or straight away bad, you had to bring up a reputation of either one.

So now with Infamous Second Son, I haven’t seen any of the moral decisions and i don’t think i have heard Sucker Punch say much about it either. So whats the deal? i don’t think they can just take that system away completely, and i think they might implement it a bit, with the different powers you choose. You start off with smoke powers but you can take different powers from different NPC’s with powers like you. So far we only know about Neon. I think that the different powers mean if you are bad or good, for example Smoke is a good power, and Neon is a bad power. But even if that is a case then its not reputation, its just straight from bad or good.

But at the end of the day they will most likely keep the same reputation system but why is there no marketing on it? obviously the game isn’t out so we will have to wait and see. I think that the franchise is so big that they don’t need to market it on the super hero bad or good approach they can just market it on the name factor.


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