Sony Online Entertainment’s director of development, Dave Georgeson has announced a 5 phase monetisation model that Everquest Next Landmark will follow. 

The game right now is currently in closed alpha. The first phase is what Dave Georgeson is referring to as the “Founders Pack Era”

Phase 2 will introduce micro-transactions into the alpha, this will allow the player/creator to purchase items such as aesthetic outfits and building resources in the alpha builds late stages. “Selling those resources may seem like we’re allowing you to pay for power,” he says, “But our current game progression is not the intended real progression. Very soon, you’ll only need handfuls of resources to make picks and other tools. Tool and item progression will be limited by activities completed and achievements gained… not by resources. So, letting people buy resources is really just a time short cut to let people build more easily.” Georgeson also went on to add. “that resources, of course, can also be gathered by hand or traded for with other players – paying will just be an optional short cut.”


Phase 3 Will then introduce extra short cuts and micro transactions and more game features. An example of a short cut would be, being able to skip the time taken to craft an item. To justify this decision Georgeson says, “These short cuts will not be allowed to affect game balance and can be avoided completely through in-game effort, if desired.”

Phase 4 Will come when the game enters closed beta and this phase will allow players to buy and sell items to each other.

Phase 5 Will see the introduction of major micro-transactions such as player name/gender change and also other cosmetic options

Even if data is wiped during the testing phases, Georgeson promises that players’ inventories will always retain item purchases made.

So how do you feel about Everquest Next’s F2P model? Is it fair?

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