Infinity Ward Issue Warzone Bug Fixes, Weapon Fix Included

Infinity Ward will be adding two new patches to remedy a series of in-game bugs affecting Warzone players. The most crucial issue is a weapon graphical corruption issue.

As demonstrated in a small clip from Twitter user Shame1essGames, after selecting a weapon from a loadout, the chosen gun rather bizarrely transforms into a mess of unprocessed textures, obscuring his line of fire and half the screen. In short, it’s not long before he’s being shot at with no chance of returning fire.

Infinity Ward’s senior communications manager Ashton Williams made the announcement of “two patches in the works” for Warzone. “One has weapon tuning, a fix for an exploit, a fix for an error that occurs when opening the armory, and a few other issues.”

The second patch, according to Williams, will fix the “graphical corruption issue with weapons, the ‘Play Again’ option not working, and more. A release date for the patches has yet to be revealed, but Williams added that “they’d share more details when we’re all set.”

Recently, players’ screens within Warzone were interrupted, revealing the sentence “Know Your History” on display. The meaning behind this message remains unknown, but a prevailing theory is that it shares a connection in some way to the Cold War/Black Ops theme for the next game. 

These ominous messages are certainly catching people off-guard, and it’d be surprising if they weren’t hinting towards the next Call Of Duty.

On the subject of a release date, shoutcaster Chris Puckett recently appeared to suggest that Treyarch would release the new game by November 2020. He seemed to suggest the new game could be expected by the end of the year, in a short clip via Twitter, which has since been deleted.

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