Infinity Ward Release Update for Graphical Corruption Bug

Infinity Ward’s latest update for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Warzone has been released today across all platforms. The update pays particular focus on a recent graphical corruption issue affecting weapons. But the patch is a rather large one for Xbox players. For Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Warzone on Xbox One, the update is 66.3GB. Meanwhile, for the PlayStation 4, the patch is considerably smaller at only 1.2GB, while Call of Duty players on PC will need to install a 0.88GB patch, with a 1.83GB patch available for Warzone and Modern Warfare. Of course, as a result, many players within the Call Of Duty subreddit are not happy.

It’s a lot to take in. The looming question remains, however, why is the patch size for Xbox One considerably bigger? Infinity Ward explained why in a blog post. The studio said that “due to an unforeseen bug with the Microsoft patch delivery process, this download requires Xbox users to redownload files they already have, but it does NOT impact the overall install size.” They added that they are “working closely with Microsoft to ensure future updates are smaller in size.”

The general fixes covered by this update included a fix for a “Play Again” option in Warzone, a rope ascender bug, an issue with the Common AUG appearing invisible, and the removal of a number of maps from particular modes:

Headquarters – (Arklov Peak and Shipment Removed)
Kill Confirmed – (Aniyah Incursion Removed)
Cyber Attack – (Aniyah Incursion Removed)
Hardpoint – (Piccadilly and Aniyah Incursion Removed)
Search and Destroy – (Rust Removed)

Earlier in the week, Infinity Ward released a new playlist update for Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare and Warzone. For Modern Warfare, the playlist update includes the arrival of Gunfight 3v3 – Blueprint, Bare Bones Moshpit, Hardcore Team Deathmatch, and Kill Confirmed.

In Warzone, with Plunder: Blood Money removed, Plunder Quads takes its place. As for general fixes, Infinity Ward has set to work on repairing an exploit in the Shooting Range trial, an issue with explosive rounds on the Rytec AMR in CDL modes, and an error upon opening the weapon armory.

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