Infinity Ward Roll Out Fixes For AS-VAL & SP-R 208 Bugs

Infinity Ward has fixed two rather broken guns. Broken is an understatement in itself. For example, the AS-VAL had the power to shoot through walls, hitting targets spot on without regard for what surface stood in its way. Due to the weapon’s SPP 10-round magazine attachment, the weapon was a miracle worker. Then there’s the SP-R 208 sniper, which came with so much power that most players considered the most feared weapon in the entire game.

Crossmap VAL Shot- LMFAO
by u/Todredmi in modernwarfare

Infinity Ward’s latest patch fixes these weapons, fixing the bullet penetration bug. For the SP-R 208, they’ve increased the flinch, reduced the ADS speed, and made further adjustments to the zoom scope and mag ammo types. The patch, however, was not limited to weapon upgrades. General fixes included an issue with gas on the subway fast travel system.

Other bugs seen in Call Of Duty include a bus stop shelter deemed bulletproof and a recent graphical corruption issue. 

Take advantage of the SPR-208 before it starts shooting marshmallows
by u/mr_darksidez in CODWarzone

Earlier today, Treyarch announced that Black Ops Cold War would be the first Call Of Duty game to feature the FOV slider, a feature only accessible, until now, for the PC community. Treyarch described the function as a new way to optimize the game for a “globally connected, cross-play experience”, adding that “the team is dedicated to providing the best performance possible for this feature across all platforms at launch.”

In other Warzone news, last week, Activision confirmed via a social media post that they had collectively banned more than 200,000 players across Modern Warfare and Warzone’s platforms. Such a high number is no surprise considering the scale of the problem the studio faces with in-game cheaters. While the percentage for each platform hasn’t been unspecified, it’s created a dent in a sizeable problem. The anti-cheat update on Twitter reads that the team is “continuing to deploy additional security updates and added backend enforcement tools. Zero tolerance for cheating.”

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