Infinity Ward Ban Over 200,000 Modern Warfare & Warzone Players

In an anti-cheat update posted via social media from Infinity Ward, the studio has revealed that since launch, they’ve banned more than 200,000 players across Warzone and Modern Warfare, “including a new wave this week.”

While enforcing a zero-tolerance on cheaters, Infinity Ward added that they were continuing to “deploy additional security updates and added backend enforcement tools.”

It’s a staggering number of players and shows just how widespread the problem has become. It’s unclear how many players have been banned from each platform,  but the numbers are undoubtedly going to be significantly high.

One particular example surfaced back in July as a Warzone cheater was uncovered in the middle of a stream by Youtuber TimTheTatman. The cheater used an aimbot to pick targets parachuting into the map. Despite being openly caught on the live-stream, the cheater does not seem phased and continues to pick off targets with ease, courtesy of the aimbot.

During the match, streamers TimTheTatman and streamer Cloakzy were killed by the same player. While spectating the rest of the game, they discover, much to their disbelief, that the cheater is using an aimbot and a Damascus skinned Kar98 rifle, before learning that the player had been cheating up to six months while grinding to earn the Damascus camo. 

This story is just one of so many heard within Warzone and Modern Warfare, highlighting just how brazen some cheaters have become.

This news comes very soon following the launch of Modern Warfare & Warzone Season 6. A new battle pass trailer for Season 6 from Activision promises “an array of horror themed content across a fresh 100 tiers.”

The new battle pass system includes everything from war tracks, weapons, blueprints, and operator skins. Farah is available once the battle pass is unlocked, with Nikolai available from Tier 100.

Modern Warfare & Warzone Season 6 is live now.

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