Insomniac Games Spider-Man Coming Exclusively to Playstation 4 on September 7

Spider-Man was one of the exciting announcements to come out of E3 2016, and with E3 2017 we saw remarkable gameplay that imitated the Batman: Arkham style with Spider-Man’s unique skillset. For 2018 this was a game to look forward to, and all we needed was a release date to mark in our calendars and eagerly await, and Insomniac has finally delivered.

Through Twitter, Insomniac Games revealed that Spider-Man will be arriving exclusively on the PlayStation 4 on September 7, also ruling out any chance of the game coming to other platforms.

The announcement was accompanied by brief footage showing off Peter’s moves, as well as some of the outfits he will be able to wear.

Pre-ordering is now available through the PlayStation Store, with bonuses including three outfits, a Spider Drone Gadget, a Spider-Man PlayStation Network Avatar, a theme, and five extra skill points.

A collector’s edition has also been revealed that will include a steel book, statue, artbook, sticker, and three extra story missions.

New details on the game have also surfaced from an interview Game Informer had with the creative director behind the game, Bryan Intihar. According to Intihar, Spider-Man’s world will be several times larger than Insomniac’s last open world game, Sunset Overdrive. Microtransactions will also not be in the game, which is a blessing for the standard consumer.

There is plenty to look forward to when Spider-Man arrives on PlayStation 4 September 7.

Are you looking forward to Spider-Man‘s release? Let us know in the comments.


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