Intermission: BioWare Updates Fans on “Anthem 2.0”

Today, in a post on BioWare’s blog, the studio director for BioWare Austin, Christian Dailey, showed a picture of himself at home with a baby and several small dogs while discussing the plans for failed loot shooter Anthem.

It’s difficult to say if Dailey is attempting to describe the development process of Anthem 2.0 or an overhaul of the original game. He explains at length what the “Incubation” team is doing, which is effectively prototyping. Indeed, the line between “radical redesign” and “all-new title” might be more blurred on Anthem than on any other video game in history.

The last communication anybody received regarding the game was back in February when General Manager Casey Hudson indicated that there was a focus on “a longer-term redesign of the experience.”  That was three months ago, which can be a long time in software development.

Dailey also took pains to indicate they wanted not only to keep fans apprised of the process but garner their feedback as well.

We also want to start putting together some regular comms out to everyone to show/talk about these changes and our progress. This blog is one example, but we also want to include you in more of the day to day and hopefully get you some real interactions with the team. These updates could come in the form of an ad-hoc live stream, or some cool concept art posted on social media, or the occasional feed of me curled up in a ball crying in the corner…

We will get back to everyone on what our update cadence will look like soon, as we start looping you into our progress.

For right now, Anthem is no longer doing any sort of season format. Only time will tell if it becomes the sort of game BioWare and players can be proud of.

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