Jan. 31 Officially Registered As “Final Fantasy VII Day” In Japan

If you woke up and felt something about today was different, you were right. Square Enix has officially registered Final Fantasy VII‘s anniversary in Japan, giving the game its own entire day of celebration today. The original Japanese release of Final Fantasy VII launched on Jan. 31 1997, with the new “Final Fantasy VII Day” being registered by the Japan Anniversary Association on the same day today, 26 years later. 

The news was announced on the official Final Fantasy VII Twitter account, complete with a special message from Yoshinori Kitase, both Final Fantasy VII director and Final Fantasy VII Remake Project producer. In this anniversary message, Kitase calls the anniversary both “a significant day for the Final Fantasy series” and also the day in which “so many big things started moving for those of us who worked on the game.” You can read the entire heartfelt message below from the announcement tweet.

The original Final Fantasy VII was an incredibly influential game, being a landmark title in gaming’s history with both critical and commercial success. The game influenced the direction of future titles with its fantasy and technology fusion, as would appear again in later entries like Final Fantasy XV.

The game, of course, also had its 2020 remake. That said, anyone who has played Final Fantasy VII Remake knows that there’s a lot more than a remake going on there. The remake series will be continued in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, which we unfortunately know nothing about other its reveal trailer. With the game currently slated for a Winter release this year, we will hopefully learn more soon.

Have you played the original Final Fantasy VII? Will you be celebrating Final Fantasy VII Day, and if so, how? Let us know in the comments below, and keep your eyes on GameLuster for more gaming news.

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