Japan Shifts 118,000 PS5 Units In Four Days

According to research carried out by Famitsu, Japan has shifted 118,000 units of the PlayStation 5 in just four days. In comparison to what Microsoft shifted with their new Series X and S consoles across six days (21,000 units), the PlayStation 5’s numbers are considerably larger. Plus, Famitsu adds that the best-selling PlayStation 5 game in Japan at the moment is Spider-Man: Miles Morales. According to their report, the game has sold more than 18,000 copies (18,640 to be exact), with Demon’s Soul keeping pace with 18,607. 

Famitsu further states that the Xbox Series X has sold out in Japan, with shortages continuing as they hold lottery sales. This in turn has made it difficult to grab a console. They expect production to ramp up by the end of the year, and as a result, the volume of sales to increase as well. 

This follows news last week that PlayStation 5 consoles had sold out in Japan, as previously reported. Sony Interactive Entertainment Japan declared that were no more consoles available to the public from launch day. They further added that there’d be no more in-events to promote their next-gen console, primarily due to the risk of the COVID-19 pandemic.  “Due to the high interest and many orders from users, the launch is sold out by the reserved amount” they said in a statement. 

Sony recently launched a brand-new PlayStation 5 media remote, that’ll support top streaming platforms including Disney+, Netflix, and YouTube, with an upgraded console interface built from the ground up to bring players “a truly next-generation experience.” Sony also launched an updated version of the PlayStation App across iOS (12.2 and higher), and Android, (6.0 or later), mobile devices. The app will allow players to create party groups and voice chat with up to 15 people simultaneously.

The PlayStation 5 has already launched in the U.S., and officially launches today in the UK (November 19). 

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