Sony Reports PS5 Consoles Sell Out In Japan

Japan has completely sold out of Playstation 5 units, according to a report from VGC. The news was announced by Sony Interactive Entertainment Japan, who declared that there were no more consoles available to the public from launch day.

In a statement via the Playstation.Blog, they said: “Due to the high interest and many orders from users, the launch is sold out by the reserved amount.”  Sony further confirmed that there would be no further in-person events to promote and sell the PS5. They said that while there were “still concerns about the spread of the coronavirus, we do not plan to hold events or sell PS5 at stores on the day of PS5 release in order to ensure the safety of customers, retailers, and staff.” Apologizing for any inconvenience, SIEJ further advised customers to contact their respective stores for information regarding their orders and how they’d receive it. SIEJ does add that they plan “to continue shipping PS5 in the future.”

Japan’s pre-orders are based on a lottery system. As the term ‘lottery’ suggests, those fortunate to claim a winning ticket can pre-order one of Sony’s next-gen consoles. Meanwhile, Sony recently unveiled its brand-new PlayStation 5 media remote, with dedicated buttons for top streaming platforms including Disney+, Netflix, Spotify, and YouTube. From launch, Sony’s next-gen console will further support Twitch and Apple TV. Sony has further improved the console’s interface by rebuilding “the entire software stack from the console to the network,” bringing players “a truly next-generation experience.”

It’s clear Sony is ensuring all final preparations are set for the launch day of the PS5 as they launched their updated Playstation App last week. The redesigned app will allow players to download games and install add-ons remotely for either their PS4 or PS5, sign in to the next-gen console directly from the app, and a new PS messaging feature. 

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