Jutsu Games Announces Solar Expanse

Did you watch the launch of the Crew Dragon capsule and find yourself both inspired by the engineering feat it represented, while utterly disappointed Elon Musk was associated with the whole affair? Do you dream of building your private space venture, inspiring a new generation of space explorers while avoiding constant social media blunders, but don’t have billions of dollars from selling off tech startups? If so, Solar Expanse might be the game to give those dreams an outlet.

Jutsu Games is best known for its 911 Operator series, so Solar Expanse seems like a significant departure for them. The game looks to be simulating the business aspects of running a company like SpaceX while also providing at least some representation of astrophysics and orbital mechanics among other scientific disciplines.

Players will be able to launch exploration missions to scout asteroids for possible resource extraction and planetary bodies in the Solar System for colonization and terraforming. Scientific missions will help your company develop new technologies as well as helping to reduce costs in more speculative ventures.

Or, if you’re feeling more aggressive and have always wanted to try and recreate scenes from Heinlein’s The Moon Is A Harsh Mistress or Starship Troopers, you can turn chunks of useless rock into perfectly serviceable kinetic energy weapons to radically alter planetary ecologies and utterly annihilate rival corporate colony sites.

Once you’ve successfully brought the entire Solar System under your corporate heel, you can start looking at taking things to the next level: interstellar colonization. Jutsu is planning for players to be able to expand out among the stars with potentially millions of actual star systems such as Proxima Centauri and Kepler-452 as well as procedurally-generated systems which are tagged with existing star names or catalog numbers.

Solar Expanse does not have a firm release date as of yet, nor is it in Early Access, but players can get updates by adding it to their Wishlist on Steam.

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