Call Of Duty 2020 Confirmed For Release Later This Year

Call Of Duty 2020 may still be in development, but according to Treyarch Studios and Raven Software, the game will be released later this year. Treyarch was the first to confirm the news last night on Twitter, followed a minute later by Raven Software, who were “excited to announce our partnership with @Treyarch on this year’s Call of Duty!”

During a Q2 earnings call yesterday (August 4) Activision confirmed that Call Of Duty 2020 was still on track for release this year. As reported by Charlie Intel, the statement reads: “Activision will continue to build on its direct digital relationship with this expanded community as it delivers the next premium installment for Call of Duty, which comes from the wholly owned Call of Duty studios Treyarch and Raven Software.”

A release date was not confirmed during the earnings call, while Activision still has two more major releases for the remainder of 2020. They include Tony Hawk Pro Skater 1 + 2, and Crash Bandicoot 4: It’s About Timewhich are set for September and October release dates respectively.

Talking about the new game, Activision President Rob Kostich said that “fans are going to absolutely love it.” He described the title as looking “incredible right now, and internally, people are having a ton of fun playing across its campaign mode as well as the online modes that the developers are very well known for.” Regarding new updates, Kostich added that fans would be “hearing more about this fairly soon.”

In other Call of Duty news, the latest trailer from Call Of Duty: Warzone Season 5 appeared to tease the introduction of a five-man squad disembarking from a landing helicopter, a first for the battle-royale mode. As seen in the first second of the teaser, five soldiers appear to be ready to deploy from the helicopter as it lands amidst a dust cloud inside the Verdansk stadium. 

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