Kill Your Facebook Account, And Kill Your Oculus Purchases With It

A Twitter user has reminded people that disabling your Facebook account will also disable access to Oculus VR software connected to that account, and that deleting your Facebook account will likewise delete all Oculus purchases.

Facebook has, at this point, started to require new Oculus users log in with an active Facebook account. Users who have the older Oculus Rift and Quest hardware are not yet required to use their Facebook logins, as well as people who bought hardware prior to October of this year. However, all Oculus users, regardless of hardware version, will be required to merge their Oculus accounts with Facebook accounts and use only Facebook logins starting New Year’s Day 2023. Assuming, of course, the merging process works smoothly. Eurogamer has reported several users have inadvertently disabled their Oculus gear even when creating new and legitimate Facebook accounts to merge their Oculus accounts with.

For those who are thinking that a simple solution to the problem can be achieved by creating a completely separate Facebook account for Oculus purchases, you’re going to be disappointed. Facebook has been killing alternate accounts, as well as accounts using pseudonyms for violating TOS and “community standards.” And those who think they might be able to force a change in Facebook’s behavior through a class action lawsuit will be further disappointed when they find the clause in the TOS which forces users to give up their right to file class action suits against Facebook.

Food For Thought

Nobody should be surprised by all of this. The moment Facebook bought Oculus to begin with, it should have been a concern. What will be interesting is what comes next. The backlash is growing, and it potentially could be bad enough that a judge could rule for the formation of a class action lawsuit despite Facebook’s TOS clause. Moreover, with the recent announcement by Congress over Facebook’s status as a potential monopolist, it’s not beyond the realm of possibility that antitrust actions could be taken which might force a split between Oculus and Facebook.

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