Killer Is Dead is slashing into your PC.

Killer Is Dead,the crazy slashing cyborg arm game is coming from console to PC on May 9th. But the PC port an’t the normal version that console players experienced. First off,the PC port’s full name is called Killer Is Dead: Nightmare Edition. That itself,ranks the PC a better platform than consoles. But wait,there’s more.The PC version will be package with free DLC and a whole new “Nightmare” difficulty. That is already making the PC a much better choice than the console verison. But oh no,the pulishers went the extra mile and made this game $19.99! Yeah,like 20 bucks. That is a much better deal that you’ll get on console,which started at 50 doallras. So be prepared to hack,slash,and romance in Killer Is Dead Nightmare Edition for the PC on May 9th for 20 bones! Still can’t get past how this is 20 bucks.

A new port.A new trailer.

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