Capcom Responds to Deep Down’s Lack of Playable Female Characters

Capcom has recently come under fire for not including playable female characters in its upcoming game “Deep Down” due to story reasons. It turns out there was a little bit of a misconception related to this decision, as translation issues left some people thinking there would be a wealth of character customisation for male characters, without a female option.

deepdown03 900ver

A mistranslation from Capcom’s overseas firm led people to think that the game would feature twelve playable characters, all male. Kazunori Sugiura clarified the error in a recent post on the game’s Facebook Page (translated Here), stating that the reason females were not playable was the story revolves around a singular male protagonist, not twelve.

“There is one male main character in Deep Down. The story is being developed around him and his surrounding Ravens comrades. At the moment, an overseas release hasn’t been decided, but I am grateful for the attention Deep Down is receiving.”

No word yet about when Deep Down will make its way to the West, but don’t expect it too soon, as the Japanese version has been delayed. In the meantime, you can feast your eyes on a Trailer!

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