If you’ve been following news about Kickstarter at all, chances are you’ve heard of Kingdom Come: Deliverance. This Medieval RPG has captured the attention of many, by doing away with the traditional fantasy tropes that make their way into many games about the Middle Ages, instead focusing on a historically accurate approach to the game’s world and setting. Well, the game’s Kickstarter Campaign has finally come to a very successful close, bringing in almost quadruple of what the developers were asking.

Daniel Vavra of Warhorse Studios says that this proves the major publishers wrong, showing that there is indeed a huge market for a magic-less medieval RPG, disproving the notion that it is a niche product that publishers felt was too big of a risk. Vavra’s game has smashed its original £300,000 ($499,000) funding target, with 35,384 backers donating an average of $52 each for the game. The final total for their Kickstarter campaign comes to a whopping £1,106,371 ($1.8 million).

This success brings Kingdom Come: Deliverance into the Kickstarter hall of fame, making it the 14th most funded videogame project, and the 26th most funded project ever on the site.


With the completion of the campaign, Warhorse studios now has the funding it needs to create the game, and also to implement many of the stretch goals that wouldn’t have made it into the game without the backers’ help. The game is now set to include live, in-game period music, alongside a soundtrack recorded by a symphonic orchestra. Better performance motion capture and an in-game combat academy will also be implemented, as the studio works with top medieval martial artists to bring the movement of the game to life.

Additionally, the game will now feature a Tournament mode where players can don any gear they desire and battle opponents. A new story arc is also to be included, a prequel allowing players to see the world from the perspective of a yet-unnamed female character, who is set to save the male lead in the beginning of the game. And finally, the last stretch goal of the campaign has given players their very own canine companion, a best friend who will help you in combat and warn you when danger is ahead.

The Alpha build of the game is set to be released to the backers who signed up for it in approximately six months, with a Beta coming to Early Access later on. Additional details can be found on the game’s Official Website. The full game is expected to launch on PC, Xbox One and Playstation 4.


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