Kingdom Hearts 2.8 HD Prologue E3 trailer released, reveals release window and various moments

The new trailer for Kingdom Hearts 2.8 HD Prologue has surfaced and brought with it some critical pieces of information. The big thing to note however is the games release window, Square Enix confirmed through the trailer that Kingdom Hearts 2.8 will be coming to the Playstation 4 in December and will be arriving Worldwide.

As for what the trailer shows, we get to see various snippets from across the games in this collection including the HD render of Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance, Kingdom Hearts 0.2 Birth By Sleep –  A Fragmentary Passage, as well as Kingdom Hearts X back cover.

The footage shows various portions of the foretellers from Kingdom Hearts X which I feel will be an important part of this collection to watch, it should provide some interesting plot points and the trailers presentation does enough to peek interest. In regards to Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance we simply see various scenes in high definition which was not all that special, and finally Birth By Sleep – A Fragmentary Passage showed off the most interesting part, with small pieces of story and a battle with the Heartless. I don’t expect A Fragmentary Passage to last overly long, but yet this is where most of the package will shine with this expansion of a pre-established story.

A Fragmentary Passage will give players a preview of whats to come in Kingdom Hearts 3, however news on this game has also surfaced. The end of the trailer reveals that Square Enix will not be sharing any new details on the anticipated game until this Winter, so that basically rules out an appearance at E3, and to note this wait is agonizing.

You can watch the new Kingdom Hearts 2.8 HD Prologue trailer below:

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