Kingdom Hearts III Trailer Introduces Classic Kingdom Mode

A new trailer has been released for Kingdom Hearts III, showing off a new game mode.

Entitled “Classic Kingdom,” this new game mode features a number of mini-games inspired by 1980s LCD games. In the trailer (seen below), we get a glimpse at a few of the games that will be included in this mode. The first game shown has Mickey Mouse and Sora climb a construction site in order to save Minnie Mouse from Pete.

Other games shown for Classic Kingdom include one that has players smacking enemies with a hammer, and one where the player has to deliver food to different characters. We also see a game where Sora has to avoid a giant as he stomps his hands and feet, and one where players have to collect baskets of eggs.

Classic Kingdom will be available in Kingdom Hearts III, as well as the mobile spin-off, Kingdom Hearts: Union χ[Cross].

It has also been announced that 300 Kingdom Hearts: Union χ[Cross] players will be able to have their gamer names appear in a secret location hidden within Kingdom Hearts III through the Make Your Mark campaign. The campaign will last from April 16 to May 1. Details for the event can be seen here.

Kingdom Hearts III will release for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in 2018. A definitive date has not been given by Square Enix at this time.

What do you think of Classic Kingdom? Let us know in the comments below.

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