Octopath Traveler’s Latest Preview Shows New Travelers, Morality and More

As Octopath Traveler nears release, new information is steadily being revealed. In the April 2018 preview, two new protagonists, path actions and side stories were shown.

The two new protagonists are H’aanit the Hunter and Therion the Thief. Each traveler comes with a unique story and ability. H’aanit the Hunter is accompanied by animal companions and on a journey in search of her lost master. She can order her beasts to attack, opening up combat and open new paths.

Therion the Thief, on a job to steal a rare gemstone, can steal from NPCs, allowing him to take items not available in stores and steal goods needed by other NPCs for an award.

In addition to these two characters, path actions were revealed, which is essentially a morality system. It is split between Noble and Rogue. Noble path actions look to be a way of gaining items and are engaged without the threat of failure. Certain items gained from Noble actions may not be able to be equipped until you reach a higher level, and they require gold to buy.

Rogue actions can be engaged any time, but there is a percent chance of failure, which will reduce reputation in town and will affect the way NPCs respond to you. You can pay the bartender to mend your reputation, however.

Like in the demo, there will be more side quests, called “side stories.” The preview says they will have more than one possible solution, so the choice is yours; depending on the path action you use, the outcome will change.

Octopath Traveler releases on July 13. The demo is available now on the Nintendo eShop. Also be sure to look at the full preview below:

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