Latest issue of Coro-Coro reveals Mega Pidgeot, Latios, Latias and Beedrill for Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire

It is that time of the month again where more Pokemon news is starting to come out and this is all thanks to leaks from the latest issue of Coro-Coro which is providing us with even more great details on the upcoming Ruby and Sapphire remakes Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire. As usual most of these details relate to brand new mega evolutions as we get ever closer to around one hundred Pokemon that can mega evolve, this months magazine has revealed Mega Beedrill, Mega Latios, Mega Latias and one that really excites me Mega Pidgeot.

Coro-Coro has shared a good amount of detail about this Pokemon and special details about the latest legendary Pokemon to recieve a Mega Evolution sharing the following:

– Mega Pidgeot is Normal/Flying-type with the ability No Guard
– Mega Beedrill is Bug/Poison-type with the ability Adaptability
– Can fly on Mega Latios and Latias in the overworld and find Pokémon such as Reshiram, Zekrom, Dialga & Palkia in the sky
– Latios is exclusive to Omega Ruby and Latias is exclusive to Alpha Sapphire
– The Eon Ticket is said to return through a special distribution
– The Legendary Pokémon are found on islands that can only be found through areas on the sky
– You access the sky through the Eon Flute item


Am I the only one beginning to think that Mega Evolution is not that sacred any longer given that a good portion of Pokemon are now getting these forms but still at least I can say that all these Pokemon do look really cool and I do look forward to more information as the games draw ever closer to release.

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