Top 10 Wishlist for Destiny

So, like many, I’ve been raiding the worlds of Destiny, in search of loot, glory, and yes, more loot!  Check out our review of Destiny here!  I mentioned in my last article 6 Destiny Issues that Need More Attention things that I thought needed to be addressed.  Here, I plan to talk about what I’d like to see.  As stated, it’s a wish list.  Just ideas.  Thoughts.  You know?  They may or may not ever be added to the game, but it’s fun to hope.  So, here it is, my Destiny wish list!

#10- Character and Emote Customization

I’d like to see more character options.  It’d be nice to see a wide variety of characters, or Guardians, running through the Tower, and beyond!  Give us the option to choose our height, weight, body thickness, maybe even mannerisms, aside from just gender and facial aesthetics.

Also, there really needs to be more emotes.  It’s hard to get your point across to the rest of the world, with the contact limited to you and your Fireteam members.  Most times, you have to communicate with other players, and all you have at your disposal is point, wave, sit, and dance.  I found myself constantly wishing for a follow me, stop, I’m searching for materials, leave me alone, and do you want to form a party? type of emotes.

#9- Sparrow and Ship Customization

Even when you’re  maxed out in level, the ships are pretty much the same, while Sparrows, as the name implies, feel a bit underwhelming.  For ships, it’d be nice to be able to salvage parts –or buy them in the Tower– and put them together to Frankenstein your own vessel.  I mean, bits and pieces of downed ships litter every planet!  Why not add some additional depth to all these background assets, and allow us to build a ship more fitting to the individual?

Guardians also need a better array of land vehicles at their disposal.  The enemies have Pikes, Interceptors, Goliath Tanks?  Why don’t the Guardians have anything like this?  It’d be nice to be able to buy and own these, instead of having to find them in each level, all the while being stuck with the Sparrow.  Now, I don’t mind the Sparrow, I just wonder why the Fallen and Cabal have better transports?

#8- Enemies on Map

The ability to see and track enemies is crucial for a game like this.  At least I think so.  It allows me to keep track of my surroundings, and make decisions accordingly.  Nothing is more annoying than being shot at, spinning the camera frantically, and not being able to find my attacker.  Does it add to the frantic pace of battle?  Yes.  But it makes it increasingly frustrating as well.  I mean, you can see players in the map when you’re in the Tower.  Why not the world/planet maps?

#7- Material Farming

After reaching the level 20 cap, every player must scour the planets for Helium Filaments, Spinmetal, Spirit Blooms, Relic Iron, and hopefully by chance come across Ascendent Energy and Shards.  In order to find them, you need to walk aimlessly and hope your search yields something.  When you eventually find some, each plant/object yields only a single amount of materiel.  Most of the time.  More than a few if you’re lucky.  They are mandatory in order to level up Legendary and Exotic items.

I get that it gives you a sense of exploration, and it isn’t very hard to find these things.  Just time consuming.  However, it just isn’t very fun.  I mean, when the quests are done, you’ve finished all the Strikes and missions, and you’re looking to farm a certain material, all you can do is drive about the world, hoping you run into one of these.  At the very least maybe run into a chest?  It feels like a chore.  It’d be more interesting, and engaging if you got them from enemies, or at the end of a mission.

What would be cool is if you could see them on your map.  Maybe buy an item that unlocks the ability to find them?  Like a Dragonball Locator, or something?  Or how about letting other players sell them to you…

#6- Shop or Market Place

You find so much gear and items in the game, without the ability to share or trade them.  As I said, farming materials is a boring process.  It’d be great if someone, wanting to make some extra Glimmer, could sell them to me.  Or better yet, let my friends issue a trade?  Or, how about a market place where Guardians can gather and sell their hard earned wares!  So far, there’s no ability to do this in the game, which is why this was #5 in my 6 Destiny Issues that Need More Attention article.

I mean, I usually never spend my Glimmer on anything in the Tower.  I either find something better on a Strike, in a mission, my gear is far more superior than anything the vendors have, or I just don’t have the right level or vanguard/crucible marks to buy anything.  Glimmer just sits in my inventory.  Why not allow players to create in game commerce by selling items, that are probably better than anything in the Tower?

#5- Cross Skill Trees

When I first started the game as a Hunter, I was excited to see that there was another subclass of attacks.  I thought, that once I reached level 15, I’d be able to add it to the arsenal of my Gunslinger subclass.  Then I reached level 15, and my skills were essentially reset.  Oh.

It would be really nice if I could use, or mix and match, skills from each tree/subclass.  As it stands, the progression is really linear, only allowing you to select the next attack node in the sequence.  Why can’t we unlock, and spend our experience points as we wish?  Some attacks are amazing, while some are just useless.  The ability to pick and choose, from both classes, would allow the player a sense of freedom and customization, instead of being tethered to a pre built class, with no way of deviating.

#4- Dashing and Strafing

In a game meant to be a First Person Shooter, I’m surprised that this isn’t, or wasn’t, a skill available at launch.  There’s always an endless hail of bullets on screen, and while you can run, being able to dash/strafe out of the way would be nice.  It’s a standard in other FPS, and it’d be a welcome addition to Destiny.

#3 Enemy Weapons and Armor

The Fallen, Vex, and Cabal, have amazing weapons and armor.  I couldn’t help but gawk at their armory and ensemble and wish that I could have them.  All of it.  It’d be nice.  I feel like the technology of the enemy far surpasses anything that the Guardians have.  Their weapons are interesting, unique, and would add great dimension to battles.  I mean, some of their bullets and missiles follow you, and they also fight with glowing blades!  Which brings me to…

#2- Melee Weapons

Come on, anyone who used the massive Sword of Crota wished that they could have it for the rest of the game!  While I love gun play, I have to admit that I’m a melee classer at heart.  The Hunter Blade Dancer subclass would benefit from this immensely!  I mean, maybe Titans could have massive buster swords, Hunters could have rapiers and lances, while Warlocks could have scythes, and axes?  The setup could use some work, but you get the idea.

#1- Duel Wielding

Along with melee weapons, you have to have duel wielding!  Any game, ever since Star Wars first introduced it to me, is always made 100% more awesome when you can hold a weapon in each hand.  Whether it’s a gun in one hand, and a blade in the other, or the world class bassassitude of a sword in each hand, the ability to mix and match weapons would add so much depth and variety to the game play.  It would give players a choice to concentrate on close range combat, ranged, or a mix of both.  Other players, especially in the Crucible, would have to adapt to the different play styles, and it would keep everyone on their toes.  I think it’d add an interesting player dynamic. Yes, I realize this could be said for the regular gun play, but come on!  Swords, and duel wielding, right?

Destiny so far has been a mixed bag of love and hate.  It still has a lot of room to grow, and I’m interested in seeing if Bungie ever implements any of these ideas.  Even if they never do, I’m sure what they add in future updates will be amazing.  Hey, a person can hope!  What would you add to your Destiny Wish list?

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