Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom: How To Upgrade Armor

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom does a pretty solid job of slowly increasing the game’s difficulty level as you explore Hyrule. Upgrading your armor eventually becomes a much-needed thing to do. Of course, you can be the majestic hero who only has three hearts and beats the game…but you can also be the guy who gets one hit killed by a Black Moblin from behind.

If you’re finding things to be a bit difficult and are wanting to know how to upgrade armor in Tears of The Kingdom, there’s going to be a journey ahead but it’s worth it! In the guide we will explain how to upgrade armor in Tears of The Kingdom.

How To Upgrade Armor In Tears Of The Kingdom

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The first thing that needs to be done to unlock access to upgrading armor is finding and opening the Great Fairy Fountains. The Great Fairy quests require Link to help the musical troupe called the Stable Trotters.

You don’t need to complete every one of these side quests to unlock the ability to upgrade armor. Completing one of the Great Fairies’ quests will unlock the system. But, you do need to do all four Great Fairy quests to upgrade your armor all the way

Once you have completed one of the Great Fairy quests, make your way to their bulb. (Also marked as a flower bulb on the map, as shown above!) Then, all of your armor will show up inside of a menu. Hovering over a piece of armor will show you the cost and the items required to upgrade the piece. Materials you will need to find are going to be found all around Hyrule. They include monster parts, plants, mushrooms, and more. Giving the proper items to the Great Fairy will allow her to upgrade your armor and increase its defensive ability. Each Great Fairy can upgrade your armor one level.

 Other Functions Of The Great Fairies

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Once you have found all of the pieces of a set of armor, the Great Fairies will be able to unlock a secondary effect for that set. Not all armor sets have this special secondary effect, though. To see if the set you’re currently using has a secondary effect, you will need to upgrade each piece two times.

A good example of this is the Glide Armor Set. As the armor stands, it’ pretty strong due to it giving Link exceptional control while in the air. But, if the armor set is upgraded two times, it will negate all fall damage. That’s right, no fall damage! Link can just fall from the skies with great abandon. 

If you’re not sure which armor sets to upgrade at the Great Fairy Fountains first, you can check out GameLuster’s guide to the best armor in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom here.

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