Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom: How To Find Ganondorf’s Horse

Are you somewhat of a horse enthusiast in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and Tears of the Kingdom; always seeking out the most majestic, unique, or rare steeds to add to your collection? Which, conveniently enough, is expandable in Tears of the Kingdom

If you are, you’re probably looking to add another legendary steed to your stable, and if so, then the big, beefy boi that legend tells once belonged to Ganondorf himself is probably quite high on your list. Conveniently enough, this massive stallion isn’t too hard to find, and if you didn’t have him in Breath of the Wild, you can still get him in Tears of the Kingdom! Read this guide for the quick and dirty on how to get this awesome looking Giant Horse as part of your repertoire before the next blood moon. 

How To Prep For Catching Ganondorf’s Horse

As with most horses in Tears of the Kingdom, you’ll want to have your best sneak-boosting foods, elixirs and armor to prepare yourself. This horse seems particularly sensitive to your movements, so be extra cautious and take your time as you sneak while working to catch him. You’ll also want to pack plenty of stamina-enhancing food and elixirs, as this horse takes at least 2 full stamina wheels to tame. You’ll also want to bring a ton of apples and carrots; this horse is more wild than most others and tends to veer off quite a bit when ridden, so feeding him ahead of time should help alleviate this.


Map of southeastern Hyrule with a star on the peninsula where Ganon's horse can be found in the wild.
The horse is located on the peninsula between Hateno Beach and Deepback Bay.

Ganondorf’s horse is located on the peninsula between Hateno Beach and Deepback Bay. The closest fast travel point would be the Hateno Ancient Tech Lab, if you have already completed that side quest and unlocked the location. If not, your next best bet is Zanmik Shrine. 

The giant horse will be located in the grassy portion of the peninsula next to a handful of other horses. It’s best to make your way downhill and use the grass to your advantage when you go into sneak mode. 

Catching Ganondorf’s Horse In Tears Of The Kingdom

Stay crouched in the grass and approach the horse from behind, if possible. If you have armor that enhances your sneak ability, this is the most ideal strategy. Otherwise, load up on your sneaky foods. Take it slowly, since any rustle or movement will trigger the other horses to run, which includes Ganondorf’s horse, even if he doesn’t see you.

You’ll need to get VERY close to be able to mount the horse. Once close enough, tap A and you should climb aboard. Start mashing L like crazy. Your stamina wheel drops quickly while taming a horse, so it’s best to pause and eat energizing foods well before you hit the red. After you’ve exhausted two full circles, the horse should settle down. Congrats! You’ve caught a whopper of a horse!

Link sitting bareback atop a large black horse with an orange mane. The horse is neighing and shaking its head.
This giant horse is pretty wild and will take many treats and pats to soothe.

There’s just one slight problem; the closest stable to you, Dueling Peaks, is actually quite a trek. And this horse may be big, but he definitely ain’t fast. To boot, he’s particularly wild, with a tendency to wander off course very frequently. Before setting off, feed him all those apples and carrots you packed to max out your bond, since this will make the journey a heck of a lot easier. 

The stable is well east of your current position, but if you follow the roads it’s a pretty straightforward route, up until you hit Fort Hateno. If you have not yet completed the side quest “Bring Peace to Necluda!” then you will find a ton of monsters here. Make sure to go around them to avoid the risk of them knocking you off your hard won horse, or worse. 

And that’s it! Once you’ve made it to Dueling Peaks, register this bad boy and give him an awesome name (For example, GameLuster’s Clare named hers Chalupa, while Kate called theirs Sidon). Hopefully Ganondorf doesn’t get too sour about you taking his horse, but either way, now you can ride around (and intimidate the locals) all around Hyrule in style!

What is your favorite horse in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom? What did you name this big boi? Comment below and let us know!

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