Lies Of P: How To Beat Mad Donkey

During Chapter 2 in Pinocchio-inspired “Souls-like” Lies of P, you will encounter a man cornering Geppetto on the bridge in front of Krat City Hall. Mad Donkey is the first human boss you will encounter in the game, and he has a deep grudge against all puppets. In order to save Geppetto, you must kill the madman and stop his rampage. Unfortunately, it is easier said than done. This guide will cover everything you need to know to successfully defeat the boss Mad Donkey in Lies of P.

Lies Of P Mad Donkey Boss Fight Guide

Mad Donkey is quite speedy despite the large sword that he lugs around. To match his speed, you should equip a light weapon, such as the Wintry Rapier, which you can purchase from the Wandering Merchant.

The best strategy to beat this boss is to wait for him to attack you and then dodge until you’re standing behind the man. If you’re lucky, you can perform a Rear Fatal Attack and deal massive damage. However, if you’re too slow, you can still land a couple of hits before the boss turns toward you again.

Lies of P Mad Donkey Boss Fight

Sometimes, Mad Donkey will attack you with a powerful overhead swing that will leave him vulnerable for several seconds. You should take this opportunity to strike the man as many times as possible before he gets his bearings.

Luckily, Mad Donkey does not have a second phase where he powers up. However, he’s still quite dangerous, and you need to be extra careful with his Furious Attack. He will perform a three-hit combo with a pause between each strike. Since you will need to pull off a Perfect Guard to block this attack, it is recommended that you dodge to avoid unnecessary damage.

Defeating Mad Donkey will give you a bunch of items.

  • Mad Donkey’s Hunting Apparel
  • Mad Donkey’s Mask
  • Krat City Hall Key
  • Enigma Assembly Tool

The Enigma Assembly Tool is particularly valuable, since you can use this item to customize your weapons. With this tool in your inventory, you will get a new option when interacting with a Stargazer. You can select “Assemble Weapons” to open the Weapon Assemble screen.

That’s all you need to know to beat the boss Mad Donkey in Lies of P. Before leaving GameLuster, you can check out guides for this tricky “Souls-like,” such as The Parade Master boss fight guide.

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