Life is Strange Developer Dontnod’s Next Game Announced

For day three of Sony’s road to E3 event, the company promised a brand new announcement, and they delivered by introducing a new game being developed by Life is Strange studio DONTNOD Entertainment and published by Bandai Namco. The new game is known as Twin Mirror, offering another story-driven, cinematic adventure.

Twin Mirror follows the central protagonist as he struggles to remember what happened the night before. He wakes up to find the T-shirt he wore the day prior is covered in blood and he doesn’t know what he did. This leads him to explore his memories and dreams to uncover the truth of his actions. Undoubtedly Twin Mirror will be a dark game that could potentially explore the human mind when it tries to forget a shocking event.

Twin Mirror will arrive in 2019 and looks to be an interesting adventure that could tackle some really serious themes. It is likely that we might learn more about the game from E3. You can watch the trailer for the newly announced game below.

As part of Sony’s road to E3 event they also revealed the release date for Days Gone, as well as new Tetris game.

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