Lifeless Planet is on its way to the Playstation 4

I feel there is always room for more exploration, mystery, and atmospheric adventures in this world. These games often force us to question everything, the world around us, what has happened, and they even urge us to explore every detail trying to find an answer to all the tough questions. These atmospheric games often want us to question everything and it offers a great change of pace from the more traditional styling’s of most modern games.

The question you might be asking is, what is Lifeless Planet? Well to begin with, it is a huge enigma, just the very name sends the mind into overdrive with constant questions, but on a more serious note. This is a game about exploring a seemingly alien world. The first thing we find in this game is a Russian town which should not exist on an alien world that is not Earth, this introduces the question of what happened, forcing us to question our very mission and why the world is so hostile. Before long we also meet a Russian woman called Aelita who has a number of mysteries to herself, such as why she can survive in the hostile environment. So many questions, so little time to find the answers.

Lifeless Planet is inspired by Cold War era science fiction stories, and features over twenty unique environments, deadly life-forms, puzzles, and it has a mysterious tale full of cinematic cutscenes.

For more on this game you can find the trailer showing off the Playstation 4 version below:

Lifeless Planet arrives on the Playstation Store on July 19th, time to solve ourselves a mystery.

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