LittleBigPlanet 3 character details, including the canned “Sackworm”

There is a new Little Big Planet game coming so a lot of people will be sure to be happy and for those who want to know about what characters are in the game then you are in luck, Sony has published an article on the Playstation blog covering the chaacters in the game. Also included is a character who didn’t make it onto the game. You can find the details below:


– Was one of the first characters created
– Swoop can fly and access hard to reach places
– Swoop can pick things up such as objects, and other characters, with the exception of ‘big’ Toggle.”


– Four-legged character
– Not really a dog
– More of an “odd sock”
– Can wall jump and wall slide
– Also really fast
– Oddsock levels offer a different experience


– Can be big or small
– Started out as just one character – big Toggle
– This didn’t quite give you enough combinations, and that’s what LittleBigPlanet really needs
– Toggle feels strong and heavy when big
– Light and quick when small
– Has a lot of gameplay possibilities, especially when you start using some of the customisation features

The ones that got away

– Team had a lot of different ideas
– Sackworm didn’t last too long before he found himself on the cutting room floor
– They all started out as silhouettes
– Each one needed to be game changers, fully customisable, a feeling like they belonged in the world, and they needed to have personality

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