‘Loot’ in Gaming, How Important is Player Incentive?

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  1. Owlent says:

    I understand the importance of loot in many different genres of games. But in FPS games, its being overdone and abused. But its necessary for the developers to include. Why? Because gamers have deemed themselves addicts. No different than being addicted to drugs or gambling. Today, gamers need to feel like they are gambling in order to stick around. They need to experience an illusion of something else being in front of them, instead of playing according to principles and beliefs. Gamers today need loot and then a random generator to feed them stuff. It gets them locked into a cycle of gambling like at a slot machine.There was a time when a gamer population in a FPS game played because they enjoyed the game, were competitive and wanted to be a part of the community. Today they need to feel like they are gambling or they move on to the next fix looking for something to hook them in.