Kled ” The Cantankerous Cavalier” is available

Riot Games have a way with creating characters. It’s no secret that the game has an unprecedented number of characters, 133 to be exact. Each new character for the most part adds something different and patch 6.16 adds character 134 Kled “The Cantankerous Cavalier.”


Kled’s unique in the way that his health and abilities are tied to a secondary character, which also happens to be his passive “Skaarl  The Cowardly Lizard”. Skaarl  has his own health bar gaining extra health from any of Kled’s items, runes, or masteries. When the two are together, the cowardly lizard will even take damage in Kled’s place. Skaarl has a limit to the amount of damage that he’ll take and once his life bar is depleted, he will run off leaving Kled to fight on his own.

Kled’s still a threat even when his trusty lizard has run away. Armed with a gun (and what appears to be a lance,) Kled manages to inflict quite a bit of damage to his opponents.

Kled is currently classified as a champion who is played within the “Top Lane” but things can change soon now that he has been released. Kindred was released as an ADC but was slowly adapted to being played almost exclusively as a Jungler.

Time will tell the tale but, if you’re interested in stories, go check out Kled‘s bio page and for those who aren’t really interested in character biographies, I’ll link the Champion Spotlight. For all things League of Legends stay tuned to GameLuster.




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