Lords of the Fallen unlikely to ever come to the Wii U, up to the publisher

The Wii U has no lack of lost potential, and by this I mean the absence of third party games which could be good on the console and fill a place that is currently missing on the platform. To some degree we know why this is but it does still seem silly. Recently in the latest issue of Gamesource, Deck 13’s creative director  Jan Klose was asked if it was possible that their Dark Souls style game Lords of the Fallen would come to the Wii U.

Unfortunately the chances of this do seem very unlikely, as Klose states that the team probably will not be doing a Wii U port, and that such a move would be for the publisher to decide.

Here is what Klose had to say:

Right now I don’t think that we are going to do a Wii U port of the project, even though we love Nintendo devices. But in the end this is a decision of the publisher, whether they think supporting the Wii U is reasonable for their sales or not.

Of course we expected this so this is no surprise.

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