Lost Reavers coming to Europe and America in April, arriving first in an open beta

The latest Nintendo Direct presentation has revealed that Bandai Namco’s free to play Wii U exclusive game Lost Reavers will be coming to Europe and America this year in April. The free to play online multiplayer game will be arriving on April 14th as an open Beta, and will follow with a full proper release on April 28th.

Lost Reavers focuses on players working cooperatively in missions to raid multi-roomed maps and recover treasure known as Relics. Facing off against waves of various undead monsters, including giant bosses, in order to clear rooms, solve various puzzles, and move Relics to a certain point, one player will be vulnerable during this phase in which the remaining three players must take on a defensive role. The game’s play style, referred to as the “Multi-View Action System” will include a variety of melee attacks, third-person and first-person shooting.

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