Lunastra Arrives for Monster Hunter: World in Newest Update

The lion-esque Elder Dragon Lunastra has officially arrived in Monster Hunter: World. Those familiar with the long running series will know that Lunastra is the mate for Teostra, who has been available to hunt since the game’s launch.

When hunting either one of the monsters (or both, for the gutsier hunters), the two monsters will pair together for powerful joint attacks against hunters. This is a new mechanic to World, as all other monsters will engage in a turf war when encountering one another.

Once defeated, the materials gained from Lunastra will allow for the creation of both new weapons and armor. However, the weapons gained from Lunastra will have armor skills attached to them, another first for World.

The update also includes the Arch Tempered Elder Dragons (although these won’t be available until a later date) and some quality-of-life improvements, such as the ability to acquire investigations for tempered monsters while on hunts and when breaking parts while fighting them.

Lunastra and the new update are now live for Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

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