Rage 2 Developer Avalanche Studios Acquired by Nordisk Film

Avalanche Studios, developer for the Just Cause series and the upcoming Rage 2, has been officially acquired by Danish media company Nordisk Film.

Seeing the gaming industry’s growth, Nordisk CEO Allan Mathson Hansen stated in their press release that they are “determined to strengthen our position in the growing global gaming market” and that they wish to have a “sizeable portfolio of game developers.”

Nordisk has been a minority owner of the studio since last year, but decided to pull the plug and completely buyout the remaining Avalanche Studio shares. At €89 million, this is the largest acquisition in Nordisk’s history.

Even with this shift, though, Avalanche has assured the public that the studio will remain unchanged, retaining their current staff and approach to video games.

Christofer Sundberg, chief creative officer for Avalanche, seemed excited about the future of the company, stating that “with Nordisk Film as the owner of the studio, we will expand our creative horizons” and that he “looks forward to continuing our long and successful relationships with the best publishers in our industry, as well as creating new games under our own Avalanche Studios publishing label.”

Nordisk has reported that the acquisition will be official by the end of June.

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