Magic: Legends Reveals Necromancer Class

Cryptic Studios and Perfect World Entertainment have revealed a new starter class, the Necromancer, for their upcoming ARPG Magic: Legends on the game’s blog site. The class will be one of five starter classes available to all players at launch.

Themed around Magic: The Gathering‘s black mana, Necromancers look to be filling in a role between crowd control and DPS. Rather than merely raising skeletons and sending them on their way, Necromancers will be using their summoned creatures as part of an intricate cycle of life and death. Raising the dead is only the first step in dominating the battlefield. By sacrificing summoned creatures, they can use the resulting energy to bolster their remaining creatures or amplify the effects of current spells affecting the enemy.


Rather than direct damage dealing, Necromancers have several Damage-over-Time and Health-over-Time, sapping the target’s life force to undo the damage the target is dealing with. Their starting powers will include Grim Siphon, a mid-range attack affecting at least one target; Grave Upheaval, which targets enemies as well as summoning skeletons; and Soul Wither, an area ability which not only saps enemy health but also applies a slowing debuff to draw out the agony a little longer.

Cryptic also took some time to go over the aesthetic inspirations as well as the connections to Magic: The Gathering. Their starting point was the card game’s Planeswalker character Lilliana Vess, serving to help come up with the power designs. Meanwhile, they looked to old cemetery fences and crypt gates for inspiration for the character’s accessories and costume accents. Being a Necromancer, skulls are definitely an element. Still, the team also wanted to be giving the impression of power, from the crown on the Necromancer’s head to the pitted metal, which speaks to both iron will and the corrosive nature of their abilities.

Magic: Legends is still in development and currently does not have a release date.

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