Master Detective Archives: Rain Code is a New Mystery From The Creator of Danganronpa

Meet Yuma, an amnesiac detective, and his mysterious, powerful partner Shinigami in Master Detective Archives: Rain Code, a newly announced title from publisher Spike Chunsoft. Created by the team behind the popular mystery franchise Danganronpa, the game combines Danganronpa’s signature art style and mystery-solving gameplay with a dark new world filled with unsolved mysteries.

As Yuma, players will investigate a number of unsolved cases in the dangerous, corporate-controlled City of Perpetual Rain. Yuma will have to gather evidence, interrogate witnesses, and collect clues before calling on Shinigami to create a Mystery Labyrinth, where questions will be answered and puzzles solved to ultimately reveal the truth. Although the game will primarily focus on investigating and solving mysteries, a type of combat will occur during the Mystery Labyrinth segments, in which “Mystery Phantoms” representing the culprits will challenge Yuma’s convictions.

The game was previously announced as Enigma Archives: Rain Code before officially being renamed Master Detective Archives: Rain Code. It is not yet known whether the game will directly connect to the Danganronpa franchise, although rumors hint that it may be set in the same world as the previous Danganronpa titles. Some of the gameplay elements are definitely reminiscent of Danganronpa – in the Mystery Labyrinth, Yuma will need to answer questions about the crime by choosing the right path, similar to the Logic Dive and Psyche Taxi mini-games in Danganronpa 2 and Danganronpa V3. Additionally, Yuma’s battles against the Mystery Phantoms, which involve physically destroying their arguments, seem to bring to mind the rhythm-based battles which occurred during Danganronpa’s class trials.

Master Detective Archives: Rain Code will release sometime in Spring 2023. An official release date has not yet been announced. It has also not been announced whether the game will be exclusive to the Nintendo Switch or will release for other consoles as well.


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