Mediatonic Adding Customization Features to Fall Guys in Season 2

Mediatonic will be releasing in-game profile customization options to Fall Guys in the game’s second Season. A short preview via social media from a Mediatonic community manager outlines what can be expected from the forthcoming new features. A new window within the customizer menu has been added, called Interface.

Within the interface, players can choose a banner style to go along with their jelly bean character. Players can customize the nameplate with an icon and a background, with examples ranging from a pizza, watermelon, pride flag, and a clown. Plus, players will be able to create a nickname for their character. These include ‘Cool Bean’, ‘Good Egg’, ‘Follow Me’, ’Rookie’, (that’d be forever my nickname if I’m honest, considering my form within Fall Guys), ‘Stay Away’, ’Sir Hugs A Lot’ and more. My other favorite is ‘Trying Their Best’. That seems quite appropriate for me too. 

Mediatonic are also awarding players within the Fall Guys community with special nicknames to those they feel are deserving of one, whether it be achievements within the game or contributions to the greater community of Mediatonic’s hit battle-royale.

In mid-September, a midseason patch update went live. Mediatonic’s senior developer, Anthony Pepper, explained that “all is not what it seems in The Blunderdome.” The update has given the studio an opportunity to revitalize the game’s maps, with particular changes found in Gate Crash, Hit Parade, Fall Ball, and See-Saw, and the introduction of “dozens of obstacles, random rotations and, of course, plenty of tumbling fruit.”

Earlier today, a YouTube animator, TheJumiFilm, posted a stop-motion recreation of the iconic Door Dash race from Fall Guys. The twist is that everything is made from Lego, and rather brilliantly to that end. It’s a small race with only six able to qualify, but perfectly captures the essence of Door Dash, from the frustrations of reaching the wrong door to triumphantly being the last to cross the line to qualify. Really worth checking out. 

Fall Guys is available on PC and PlayStation 4.

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