Fall Guys Mid Season Update Goes Live

The midseason patch update for Fall Guys is now live, according to a post on the PlayStation Blog. The senior developer at Mediatonic, Anthony Pepper, explains that “all is not what it seems in The Blunderdome.”

This is an opportunity for Mediatonic to refresh the maps, adding “dozens of obstacles, dizzyingly random rotations and, of course, plenty of tumbling fruit.”

What makes this update more unique is that it’ll seem entirely random for players. No one will quite know when the changes will make themselves known.

Intending to keep things a surprise for the fans, Pepper adds that players “can expect to witness some wildly devious mixes of Season 1 classics.”

It’s a case of expecting the unexpected, as the studio hint toward significant changes in popular maps such as Gate Crash, Hit Parade, Fall Ball, and See-Saw. For this last map, they suggest that players will need to rethink their tactics taking it on. 

Then we move onto the technical side of things. The studio promise “changes to enhance server stability, nifty VFX improvements, and a whole lot more to make Fall Guys just that little bit smoother.”

Earlier today, screenshots from the update, named Big Yeetus and Anti Cheatus, were released. There are swinging ball obstacles, the Big Yeetus hammer, and “The Watermelon Crew,” friends of Big Yeetus’, all on the way. Plus, the studio is implementing changes to tackling cheaters too.

Recently, Playstation announced via Twitter that Fall Guys had also become the biggest-selling Playstation Plus title of all time, with the game’s Twitter account surpassing more than 1 million followers and high viewership on Twitch.

On Steam, Fall Guys have sold more than 7 million copies. Most notably, at the time this announcement was made, Mediatonic’s battle-royale title had been out for less than a month.

Fall Guys is available on PC and PS4.

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